Red Velvet Whoopie pies  
I had these bad babies for the first time at one of my all time favorite coffee shops STARBUCKS (SB).There was a cosy SB just around the corner of my street when I was living in USA. It was my go to place when I was tired, happy, bored, stressed and just any time I wanted a fresh brew..which was quite often as you can imagine. 
The best thing about SB is it caters for all seasons. Of course my favorite time was from Halloween until New years .The aroma of pumpkin chai latte, pumpkin bread, cakes and all the Halloween goodies just adds to the festivities. 
You knew it is Christmas, as soon as you get  your daily coffee in the red & white cup with snowflakes. Although there is always cinnamon and chocolate available for you to sprinkle on your coffee, sprinkling cinnamon during the holiday season, just feels more special. 
I am sure a lot of you will relate to this, your first SB moment the first time you visit USA. It is a moment that  makes you feel hip and happy. Well my moment was no different, it was my first business trip and luckily my work took me to NYC, the place where dreams come true. I was lucky to have friends and family who took care of me and helped me explore NYC.
Although I have been to many other SB's, my best memory is of the time I was walking throug the Upper West Side in Manhattan.I was exploring Central Park for the first time with a pretzel in one hand and my new camera in the other. When I was at the upper west side I stopped for a coffee break at this SB. I wrote my first post card to Mom-Dad back home from here and must have bought at least 10 of the most exclusive Coffee Sippers from this shop for my nieces and nephews and of course the BIG GREEN & WHITE trademark sipper for myself. :D, which I have used  extensively on numerous road trips with Mr N. 

Today, I feel like being in my favorite city, walking through central park ,drinking a hot cuppa coffee, enjoying these little Red Devils. So I dedicate my V-Day post to Manhattan, the first foreign city I ever visited and fell head over heels in love with it!This post is also dedicated to two of my best friends who understand me, love me and share the same love for life as me. 
That's what we do over coffee
And just as I was writing this, one my friends, to whom this is dedicated, posted a picture of the Empire state building lit up to celebrate love. Sharing it with all you beautiful people  
Empire State building NYC
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Recipe posted in the next post. 

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Shirin said…
Superb Writing Niv!!!
Shirin said…
I missed you today and felt like reading this post again.. xoxo Love you tons!!!!