Gorgeous sisters

Kolhapur Web photo- Palace
Continuing with the dedication series, we have two stops -our first stop is Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru and second stop is Kolhapur. 
Bangalore is the technology and research hub of India; it is the largest city in South 
Bangaluru New York Times Photo
India famous for its for its chutney, sambhar, idli and dosa.
On the other hand Kolhapur in Western India, is a city with rich heritage, old palaces, a city of royalty and agriculture. The food here is hot and spicy, especially famous for its mouth watering, hot "Kolhapuri Misal”. It is also a sacred city, home to Goddess "Amba Bai".
These next two recipes have been passed down to me by my two beautiful sisters (in law's), Manjiri & Meghana. Manju tai & Meghu tai (tai means older sister), who are not just excellent cooks, but are the most gorgeous people I know. They are as diverse as the two cities they reside in, and yet share the same passion for food and family
I still remember visiting them for the first time.I was anxious and happy at the same time. Anxious because it was important I make a good first impression, and the fact that I did not know how to cook was at the back of my mind. But when I met Manju & Meghu tai, it felt like I was meeting my own cousins. After a fun filled weekend of playing with the kids, waking up to a lovely cuppa Chai and elaborate lunches, cooking was the last thing I was worried about. 
However they inspired me to cook and I was actually looking forward to having my own kitchen where I could try some of the delicious recipes from the cook books that they gifted me. 
This small post is dedicated to both my Tai’s. It is my way of saying thank you for all you inspiration, encouragement, understanding, love and for the warm welcome into the family. 
You probably won’t find these recipes any recipe book, and even if you do, they won’t be as delicious and simple as these.
 Presenting; Spiced Carrot Cake and December baked rice, only from Nev’s kitchen.