Some more tea...Tea time at home

Tea time back home is a very elaborate. My Dad loves his chai, and Mum cant make enough cups of tea to keep everyone happy. There are always a lot of people dropping in,in the morning before Dad starts his day...and to add to the chaos half a dozen team of helpers start trickling in one by one ... the gardener, the cook, the cleaning lady, the watchmen (yea we have watchmen's who are like doormen's), guruji or priest (yes we also have a beautiful temple built by my Dad), the dog walker. Can you imagine how much Tea Mum would make in the morning?
Indian culture is all about sharing and entertaining all the helpers eat and drink at home. My granny would never let anyone who came through the door leave without having a beverage or something to eat. 
I miss home and still remember the first morning tea...I would wake up and go straight to the kitchen where Dad would be waiting for me so Mum could brew a fresh pot of chai for us. He would then start his day and I would laze around talking to Mum around the dinning table.

This is a picture from back home and it makes me want to run back home and drink cups and cups of chai and dunkin my favourite ParleG biscuits. 
I hope you are enjoying all the posts and trying the recipes as even if you think cooking is not you "cuppa tea" my recipes will make you feel like it is :)