Leave a little Sparkle....

They say there is always something good in a day, and today amidst all the work politics, meetings etc. something that made me smile was an older patient, who is on life support, saying to me, "you are all heart Nev". 💖

I didn't do anything special for her, but I must have struck a cord somewhere!! And in return she just filled me up with so much gratitude and made my day.

 So I do strongly believe, you should leave a little sparkle wherever you go and you never know who's heart you may touch and make it all sparkly with love...

In today's day and age when people are hating each other, trust is lost, loyalty doesn't mean anything and friendships are getting ruined due to egos, selfishness and an urge to succeed no matter what, a little positivity, and kindness can go a long way in building those broken souls.

So my dear friends, please be nice when ever you can, not only to strangers, but to your friends and family as well. This world could use a lot of happy sparkle and cheer, so keep spreading the love, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and don't forget to join us here in 2016, at Nevs 
Kitchen for lots of deliciousness and spiciness. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!!✨🌟💖🍾 

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