LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE- A Valentine day special!

So its officially February and who here is 
excited for Valentines day!! Oh yeah Feb 14th is only 2 weeks away!
Now I don't like cliches, but a day dedicated to LOVE, is something I will always celebrate. I love everything about it, chocolates, gifts, movies, songs, teddy bears and pretty much anything HEART shaped... :) 
However, I never believed valentines day was just for couples, I think it is a celebration of love no matter who or what you love. It could be expressing love to your kids, mother, father, grand mother, sister, brother, nieces  cousin, best friend, your pet or your soul mate...It could be your love for food, love for a place or a thing. Its a day when you just take a step back to do something special, something you love! 

And I don't think anyone should feel lonely on this day...if you don't have a girl friend or a boy friend who can send you flowers, you can always celebrate it with your best friend. If you feel like indulging and breaking your diet, you should do it and most importantly if you feel that you should be in the city you love the most, then all you have to do is pack your bags and get going...Back in the days, when life was simple I would buy gifts for my room mates and my close friend and they would do the same. I think, more than now, we celebrated Vday when we did not have a boy friend or a husband, but just us girls, spending time together at the coffee shop, gossiping and making plans for the future.

Since I met Mr N, the meaning of Vday changed. It feels more romantic and special than before. Of course Mr N is not into it, as all men are, but with me dropping hints a week before, it always works out. I also think, over the years, Mr N has just accepted the fact that I am who I am and that I do like to make a big deal of this day. So as the week commenced, my gifts started to arrive. So thanks to Mr N, who knows how much I love my coffee, I now own a traditional Italian cappuccino maker, that fits in perfectly with my "moo" collection :) I  already know I am going to enjoy a lot of great moments sipping a freshly brewed cup of cappuccino while writing my blog or talking to a friend or just any time I feel like it.  
So for the ones who are committed, engaged or married I hope you have a romantic day filled with surprises, and for the ones who are yet to find their soul mates, may this year bring lots of love and happiness into your lives. 
I want to dedicate this post to all you wonderful people, who visit me everyday, leave lovely comments and appreciate my effort to share the love from my kitchen to yours.. 
And always remember to LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE..cause its Your Life and you only get one shot at it...  

Show us some love this Valentines day....

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Shirin said…
Awww I love your cappuccino maker & the "moo" collection.. so sweet of Mr N xoxo