Life as we know it!

A perfectly brewed cuppa coffee makes me so happy!
I recently read some where "Happiness is not a is a journey" and I thought to myself that is so true! Then yesterday a girl friend and I went for coffee and we talked about ten different things, as we girls do, but the one thing she said, stuck with me "I am so happy Nev" and I felt her happiness. I have always believed it is very important to surround yourself with happy, contented, kind hearted people, who wont try to bring you down. And believe me its rare to find them, but once you do make sure you cherish them and don't take them for granted. So I am dedicating this post to all the lovely people who have influenced my life in a good way, who are always there for me and they should know I will always be there for them...
Now, as a person I love luxuries and expensive things, who doesn't right...but when I started thinking about life and the past few months, these were the things that made me happy.....
A full rainbow, on a dull rainy day 

My backyard that had gone so dry due to the heat, but a few days of TLC and it sprung into full bloom. At night when there is cool breeze, the beautiful fragrance floats into our living room and its uplifting for the soul. (ya sometimes I do believe we have a soul)
Finding the perfect little coffee shop on a late Sunday afternoon, when every thing else is shut
A well executed tandoor, that made Mr N so happy. It is unbelievable how a simple DIY activity can make someone so happy 
Of course work beckons and I know we all wish or at least most of us do, that we never have to work. But then there are weekends, and although most of the time is spent in cleaning and grocery shopping, we try to make time for a quick drive to just spend some time with nature
Or finding a spot like this,from where we get a wide angle view of our beautiful city,or country town,as I like to call it 
Sitting under a cloudy sky, looking up and thanking the clouds for easing off the heat
Enjoying fresh organic foods and of course cooking with fresh produce
Finding a quite spot by the beach to spend the afternoon
Or just driving down unknown roads....trusting each other & not the GPS..hahaha
Life as we know it, is harsh, almost brutal sometimes..but to have good friends, loving family and a level head can lead to happiness and finding inner peace. Arriving at the destination is important and gives you a different high, but if you don't stop on the way to find inner peace and might arrive at your destination feeling empty..and even before you know it, you will be on to the next "don't forget to stop and smell the roses"..tomorrow is another day! 
Amidst all this I created some dark and indulgent chocolate cake which I will share with you in the next post...there is nothing more satisfying than a well baked cake and a recipe that works the very first time. So on that note sending love, peace, calm, happiness and lots of good food your way..xo
We hope you are enjoying all the recipes, and this Currylinary journey with us...always remember to keep sharing the love and good food only from Nev's Kitchen!
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