That's how me time should be!! 
I am sure you are as excited as I am to learn how to make delicious popcorn at home. And whats more exciting for me is that you can control the amount of salt, butter and cheese as per you liking or diet. If you know me even a little bit, you will know I love popcorn. I mean we all love popcorn, but to me its a snack I go to when I am up or down, bored or tired, when I am feeling upbeat or lazy, and especially love it when I need to spend some time with my self and rejuvenate. I know it sounds kinda weird, I mean how on earth can popcorn of all the things in the world, cheer you up! Now I don't have the answer to that question I have tried to ask myself, restrain myself, but in the end I just give in and make some. 
When I travel for work for more than a week, or sometimes in my earlier life, I would be on the client site for a few months, I would always have packets of popcorn in my minibar to snack on, after a long day. I admit, it was the most unhealthy snack I could eat and it did have its after effects. But since I got married and  have my own kitchen  I have been making popcorn at home, be it for new years eve parties, movie night with my hubby or when its ME TIME! 
So here goes... Nev's Me Time Popcorn...

Ingredients: (Makes a small bow full for 2 people) 
  • 1 Cup Corn Kernels 
  • 2-3 tbsp Unsalted butter (use more or less depending on your mood) 
  • Pinch of salt (adjust to your liking)
  • A dash of pepper 
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese 
  1. In a deep pot, I use my pasta pot for this, add the corn  ernels and turn on the heat. Start with low- med heat. Cover the pot. Leave untouched or unopened for 15 mins. You can give it a shake half way through, but do no open the lid. 
  2. If you feel the heat is not enough, be brave and turn it up a notch half way through
  3. As the popping subsides, slowly turn off the gas and leave standing for 5 secs. Open carefully. 
  4. Pour over the melted butter, salt and pepper. 
  5. And the pièce de résistance for me, is the grated Parmesan cheese. Sprinkle as much as you like, give it all a good shake or mix with wooden spoon. 
  6. Transfer to a large bowl and dive in. 
This is a basic recipe, but if you are making it for a party you can add some cinnamon, paprika, pepper and any other spice of your liking to spruce it up.

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