Dedication Series

With this post I am commencing my dedication series. In this day & age, when we see our nieces & nephews grow up on Face Book,
congratulate friends
& relatives or send birthday wishes via texts or emails, I felt  like we don't really appreciate or communicate how we feel. Plus I am not very good at calling anyone...I had rather meet then pick up the phone and call...not that I am proud of it and sometime I do upset people because of it. I thought I had to do something to make up for it :).
When I started this blog it gave me a means to express my thoughts & connect with so many different people from different walks of life, that I want to travel and visit every kitchen or person who has influenced me or just been there for me. Of course I would need at least 6months to travel & be with everyone I want to be with, as my family & friends are spread across the globe. So I thought what better way to travel than via my blog. My dedication series,is my way of travelling across the globe, getting in touch with those close to me and share some family food with everyone.

I hope you enjoy this culinary journey with me and share some of your favourite recipes with the ones you love. 

First stop Mumbai-India

My Cousin Geetanjali, who is the youngest in our immediate family has very graciously shared her most favorite recipe with me. This post is a dedication to this Small Wonder (a title our Granddad gave her). Although this recipe is a family legacy that my Mum prepares, my aunt knows how to do it and so do I,  I somehow associate this cake with my Jyoti Atya(Aunt), who was not only an excellent cook but a superb home maker. 
As a kid I would love going to my Aunt's place. We would first go to my Grandma's place, where I would meet with my other cousins. After getting sorted into 2 cars depending on who wanted to chat with whom on the way to my Atya's place, we we would set off on what then seemed like a long journey. 
Western Express Highway- Mumbai
In those days my Atya's high rise apt, looking over the highway  that was surrounded by a beautiful forest (a rare sight in Mumbai), was a very exciting experience. I remember Geetu, waiting in the balcony, looking out for our cars on the highway and we would always make sure we waved at her from a distance. I dont think I ever spotted the right balcony, but would convince my self that i did :) Once home I used to love watching Atya organize her house, set the table for all of us before we indulged in some delicious meals and later go through all her cupboards discovering little nick knacks that she had very thoughtfully collected & arranged :). After my cousin Geetanjali was born; a fair, dimple chinned, beautiful little baby with big black eyes... it was even more fun to visit her & be able to play with our little cousin. Geetu was a high maintenance baby who we all loved to spoil :D.  It is really hard to believe this small wonder is now an extremely mature, hard working and successful young girl. 
This post is a celebration of your Birthday !! May you always shine and be happy. 
A beautiful recipe dedicated to a beautiful, talented girl-Geetanjali.  

See the next post for the  Vanilla Coffee Cake recipe

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