Love makes everything grow!!

Growing up we had a mango tree in our front yard that was our favorite hang out at all times, especially during summer vacations. I was very emotional about this tree and even today when I think of our old home and old friends I think of the tree. Oh, I was also very protective of my mango tree. My brother & I have climbed every inch of this tree be it summer or winter. 
The Boxer under the tree
Living in India you become street smart at a very early age and boy was I a feisty child or what :) any one who tried to pluck the raw green mangoes from our tree would have to face me & our ferocious looking boxer. If you cant plant a tree don't destroy the one that provides shade & comfort to so many wanderers on hot Mumbai afternoons.
Bro & I atop the tree
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If there is anything I was sad about when we changed houses was leaving the tree behind. As a kid I use to imagine building a fence tall enough to protect the tree from kids throwing stones & destroying the
The popularity of the tree and its tasty mangoes was known not only to our neighbours, but our entire family. Everyone told us that no other tree bears such flavorsome mangoes with an interior as  smooth as a coconut. Plucking mangoes was a big task. By end of the day,we would be covered in sticky gum from the tree, shards of wood in our hair and bruises all over our feet..but it was always such a satisfying experience. I envied my elder brother who always climbed up to the highest branch and got the best mangoes :). We would give away bags of these delicious fruits to all our friends, family & neighbors and still had plenty for us. It was a summer routine and if we missed someone they would call & ask for their share :)  The tree was truly magical as it never stopped producing mangoes through out the summer.
I still don't know if it was a coincidence or did nature take its own course, but the tree stopped producing mangoes after we left. It was no longer the popular mango tree but just an ordinary tree..I often used to ask my Dad what must have happened to my mango tree..did it miss me. He would let me think that was the reason and it made me happy that the tree missed me. Of course you grow up & start worrying about the more materialistic possessions. 
Today when I think of my mango tree I realize that "Love can make anything grow". If you take love away even the strongest and toughest can break down. I will always believe the tree missed me, as it makes me want to care even more, for everything around me. 
So remember to keep spreading the love as you never know who is benefiting from your attention and affection...

My next posts are dedicated to the King of Fruits, a fruit that makes you feel royally mangoed... the good old Alphonso....

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