Free spirited!

It was one of those out of office work days. Of course it meant starting early and finishing late. Not that I am complaining, as the day ended by indulging in my favourite curry :) 
Started the day with a nice cuppa coffee at a small cafe on the harbour, before boarding the ferry to get to the island. As I sat in the cafe sipping my coffee, looking over the vastness of the sea, I realised there was  something about the sea & water, that brings out the best Cancerian in me.

The dark clouds looming over felt like a protective covering, the sea was calm and the whole experience was exhilarating and therapeutic. A day at the sea was exactly what I needed to get over the stress of daily life.The wind gushing against my cheeks felt empowering :). 
The thing I like & enjoy the most about working in the community, is meeting people from all walks of life, learning about their experiences and life they lead.  Met this "free spirited" full of life baby girl. This little beauty grows up with nature, plays under trees picking macademia nuts and is fit as a fiddle. That made me think, we are sometimes so oblivious to the simple things in life which render true happiness, like enjoying our surroundings  or relaxing with a nice book or simple being ourselves.

After getting off on the island, I made my way through man made pathways surrounded by dense forests with musky aroma of fresh green barks floating through the air. My day in the bush ended and I felt satisfied and ready to come home and indulge in some good tasting food. So I churned up some home made paneer, as I felt like making kofta curry with naan and immersed myself in the aromatics of spices and herbs in my very own Nev's Kitchen. 
To enjoy the recipes view my next posts and always remember to  do things that make you happy and that bring out the best in you.  It does not always have to be a luxurious vacation or a pay rise, but something that emancipates you  and makes you free spirited like my day at the sea did for me! 
After the day & a fabulous meal I feel like all my ducks are in row now :D

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Anonymous said…
Amazing yet totally true words.. Rarely do people appreciate and understand little things in life can really bring true happiness.. We set and pursue ruthlessly our goals and lose track of people, time and fact that moments of good joy in life has passed away besides us..