Nev's Kitchen creating magic

Sending some magic from my kitchen to yours

I usually don't write at this hour, well sometimes I do but there is something I have to share with you all before I call it a night. Just watched practical magic (all you chicks out there watch it for a girlie dose of magic) and feel like life is a practical magic and we live it everyday! Believe it or not there is a little bit of witch in all of us and we all perform witch craft that we have oh so conveniently termed as science,or luck, or multi tasking, or creativity, or if nothing works we term it as handwork. But end of the day it is a magical thing to be born, it is magical to see nature change its colours, to see flowers bloom, to watch birds soar high in the sky and most magical of all is a beautiful colourful Rainbow. 

So my dear mortals always remember to throw salt over your left shoulder when travelling, have rosemary in front of your house, keep lavender for luck and fall in love when you meet someone special :) 

On that very "magical", or shall I give it a more scientific name, "superstitious" note sleep well my real world friends and let there be magic in your hearts always!!