Sweet Semolina or Suji ka Halwa or Shira

Sweet Semolina or Suji ka Halwa or Sheera  
All you brisbaneites, If you enjoy the desert at Govinda's, you now know how to make it at home. Yes this is the recipe!! Serve this with some custard or just as it is. 
Ingredients: Serves 2-3   
  • 1Cup Semolina or Rawa                   
  • 4 Tbsps. Ghee or Clarified Butter                  
  • ½ Cup Sugar or More if you like it sweet
  • 1Tsp.Cardamom Powder             
  • Pinch of salt                   
  • Almonds or Cashews for garnishing                    
  1. Dry roast the semolina till pink in colour on low flame .Keep it aside
  2. Now boil 1½ cups of water in a separate pot
  3. Next add ghee in another pan, heat it on low flame. When the Ghee has melted add the roasted semolina and mix well.
  4.  Sauté for 5 to 10 minutes on low flame.
  5. Then add the hot water (not boiling water).
  6. Mix well and cover the pan for 5-8 minutes. The mixture will absorb all the water. 
  7. Now add the sugar and almond or cashew nut pieces and mix well
  8. After adding sugar the mixture will release some water. But do not worry it will become thick after sometime. 
  9. Add pinch of salt and mix gently
  10. You can also add some full fat milk  for more flavour and creamy texture. mix well and cover and cook it for another 5-10  minutes
  11. Add cardamom powder and garnish with almonds             


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